Amazon EC2 Quiz

Q1. Amazon EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) is a way to use Infrastructure as a Service. True or False?
Q2. For EC2, which of the following are responsibilities of the user and not of AWS?

A. Client and Server side encryption
B. Security Group Rules
C. Compliance Validation
D. Isolation on physical hosts
E. OS patches and updates

Q3. Which of the following are supported by EC2?

A. Renting virtual machines (EC2)
B. Storing data on virtual drives (EBS)
C. Distributing load across machines (ELB)
D. Scaling the services using an auto-scaling group (ASG)
E. All of the above

Q4. Which are true about security groups?

A. They can only control how traffic is allowed into EC2 instances.
B. They can regulate access to ports.
C. They can regulate authorized IP ranges
D. They can only control how traffic is allowed out of EC2 instances.
E. One security group can be attached to multiple EC2 instances

Answer to Q1

True, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) provides scalable computing capacity in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. It supports IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) because Amazon takes the responsibility of networking, storage, server and virtualization.

Answer to Q2

A and B are correct. AWS is only responsible for the infrastructure, compliance validation, physical host isolation etc. However, the user is responsible for security configurations, operating system updates etc.

Answer to Q3

E is correct. All of the above are supported by EC2.

Answer to Q4

B, C, E are correct. Security groups can regulate access to ports and also authorized IP ranges. One security group can be attached to multiple EC2 instances and vice versa. A and D are incorrect because they can control how traffic is allowed into or out of EC2 instances.

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