All about Constructors

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In this article, let us discuss the constructors in Java, from the Java 11 certification perspective.

What is a constructor?

A constructor is called while creating an object that is an instance of a class. Typically, it performs operations required to initialize the class before methods are invoked or fields are accessed.

Can constructors be overridden?

Constructors are never inherited, hence they cannot be overridden.

Can constructors be overloaded?

Yes, constructors can be overloaded by having different argument lists. You cannot write two constructors that have the same number and type of arguments for the same class,

Is it mandatory to have a constructor in a class?

No, it is not required to provide any constructors for your class. The compiler automatically provides a no-argument, default constructor for any class without constructors. This default constructor will call the no-argument constructor of the superclass (if the superclass does not have such a constructor, the code will not compile)


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